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Cellulite reduction

Cellulite is much more common than you’d think. It impacts as many as 90% of women at some point in their lifetime, often due to hormonal changes, genetics, diet, and other lifestyle factors. But as common as it is, it’s not something you have to live with.

Venus Concept’s non-surgical cellulite treatments are powered by innovative technology that helps shrink fat cells to improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling. These treatments are very comfortable and can be customized to target cellulite at any stage with no downtime.

Venus Versa™ body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments work by using energy delivered through a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers while also shrinking the volume of fat cells. The result is a more sculpted and slimmer-looking body, tighter-looking skin, and cellulite that almost disappears.


  •  Technology that delivers noticeable results
  •  Safe for all skin tones
  •  Comfortable treatments with no downtime
  •  Quick treatment sessions last no more than 30 minutes




Rosacea, facial redness and diffused redness sometimes occur early on in life or develops with age. Small capillaries in the skin become dilated (more visible to the naked eye) and can give the appearance of red spots or blotches and general face redness.

In any case, treatment with the Medical Grade Candela GentleYAG delivers optimal results delivering benefits such as:

  •  Reduction in red spots and blotches
  •  Reduced facial redness
  •  Reduced facial redness or persistently red cheeks
  •  Decrease in skin inflammation

Suitable for individuals with general face redness or red blotchy skin — our laser therapy is a safe and effective method in correcting and reducing skin irregularities.

Treatments are fast and only mildly uncomfortable, making them a suitable and non-invasive option for individuals wanting smooth and balanced skin tone. It is the gold standard facial redness removal treatment.

The laser works by delivering a focused beam of light to target the red blood vessels. The laser heats up the blood vessels (absorb the laser energy) and are destroyed by the brief but intense heat from the laser without impacting surrounding areas. Treatments take between 30 and 60 min. Recommended 4-8 treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

Post-treatment, the treated area will be flushed and may have some residual heat which will dissipate over the next 24-48 hours. 



As we age, it’s common for skin to begin to lose its elasticity, causing it to loosen as time passes. Laser skin tightening is a deeply penetrating treatment designed to firm and smooth skin on the face and areas of the body prone to sagging, such as the stomach, neck and arms.

Using the Candela GentleYAG laser, this effective skin-tightening device provides aesthetic benefits including:

  •  Tightening of loose, sagging skin
  •  Decrease in wrinkles and folds
  •  Restoration of the skins natural elasticity and collagen stores

A less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, Laser Skin Tightening is an effective and affordable treatment producing subtle improvements to individuals experiencing loose skin due to weight fluctuation or the early onset of ageing.

Streaming a penetrative beam of light deep into the skins delicate tissue, a controlled amount of therapeutic heat and laser projection combine to stimulate the body to produce more collagen.

As this involves a level of heat, some patients may experience a slight stinging sensation, however all of our lasers use a skin cooling system activated immediately after each laser pulse, to provide for the most painless procedure possible. The result? A tighter, toned, youthful appearance.

Treatments take between 30 and 60 min. Recommended 4-8 treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

Post-treatment, the treated area will be flushed and may have some residual heat which will dissipate over the next 24-48 hours. 



Varicose and spider veins can crop up for a number reasons. They’re often due to genetics but environmental factors like pregnancy, spending a lot of time on your feet, poor diet, obesity, hormonal changes, inactivity and sun exposure can also play a role. Basically, when you have weak valves that can’t push blood through the vein it creates a traffic jam of sorts. The blood gets stuck leading to the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins.

Laser treatment is the safest, most natural way to treat these unsightly spider veins and varicose veins on your legs. We pass a laser over the vein so that light energy can make its way through the skin. It helps liquefy the coagulated blood that is trapped in the vessel. Your lymphatic system then simply flushes it out. The alternative is to inject them with chemicals, which is far more painful and requires a longer recovery. Plus, smaller spider veins cannot be treated with injections. 



For many people, toenail fungus is simply a cosmetic issue. If not treated promptly and properly however, it can lead to permanent damage to the nails and recurring athlete’s foot, and even lead to more serious health problems, specifically among individuals with diabetes and weakened immune systems. 

Many fungus suffers don’t understand that fungus can be contagious, and can spread to other toes. This is why it is important to stop the fungus in its tracks, through a targeted laser treatment option that is excellent at killing the pathogens causing the fungus.

Ridding your nails of fungus can be a long and arduous process. In certain cases, surgeries don’t always work and topical medications are often ineffective. The Candela YAG Nail Fungus Removal treatment option completely erases toenail fungus, usually eliminating the chance of a regrowth.

Our nail fungus removal treatment offers the following benefits:

  •  No recovery time needed afterward
  •  Minimal discomfort during the procedure
  •  No surgery
  •  No topical, potentially harmful medications
  •  Reduction and eventual elimination of nail discoloration
  •  Improvement in overall nail health


You age, visibly and invisibly, every day. Sun damage, internal inflammation, chemicals, and even gravity all work against the youthful vitality of your skin. As we get older, fewer regenerative stem cells survive to repair this constant damage.

How Does Microchannelling Stimulate Cellular Activity?

A single Procell treatment creates hundreds of thousands of microchannels. In response to each micro-injury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen. Over time, the repeated healing process improves the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin.

How Do Stem Cells Assist Healing?

Human growth-factor serums derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells are known to promote scarless healing with minimal inflammation. Application of serums immediately after microchannelling treatment enhances delivery and collagen growth. Microchannelling without the stem cell serum is like exercising without dieting, results with microchannelling alone will be good only & great with the serum. Clinical studies show with the stem cell serum the results are 4 times more effective. The Stem Cells serum floods the microchannels to aid in wound healing as well as stimulation and synthesis of fibroblasts (wound healing & structural framework of cells/tissue).

Microchannelling is a minimally invasive resurfacing treatment. There is no heat or thermal damage and therefore any downtime is short lived and scarless wound healing. The recovery depends on the individual's skin sensitively, skin thickness, depth of needles used and how many passes are applied. There can be very mild to moderate pinpoint bleeding during the treatment or none at all. Immediately after the skin appears to have mild-moderate flush, it's common to feel like a mild sunburn and within a few hours the skin may become more pink/red.


Generally, treatments are scheduled 2 - 4 weeks apart, depending on depth of treatment. There is no limit to the number of treatments that one can receive as long as adequate time passes in between treatments.


Individuals who should not have microchannelling include: women who are pregnant, and people who have keloids, a history of facial eczema, psoriasis, active skin infections, open wounds/cuts, have taken Accutane in the past 6 months, or are immunocompromised (Lupus, HIV,etc).





The latest in stem cell technology for hair rejuvenation.

Hair thinning and loss is extremely frustrating, no matter what age you are. We naturally lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. This minimal loss is not visibly noticeable, since most adults have around 100,000 strands of hair. However, as we age our hair follicles begin to lose some of their ability to regenerate, repair, and renew themselves. If you begin to experience noticeable hair loss or thinning, AnteAGE® hair regeneration systems are for you.

Using ground-breaking stem cell technology, AnteAGE® utilizes the skin’s natural healing system to promote hair follicle regrowth. Similar to the way stem cells encourage regeneration in skin, technological advances have allowed for this anti-aging to be applied to the scalp to accelerate hair regrowth. By adding stem cell treatments to the scalp, hair follicles regain their ability to repair and renew quickly. Recommended 3-6 treatments 2-4 weeks apart with the at home care in between of in-clinic treatments.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey toward healthy hair with AnteAGE®!

AnteAGE® Home Hair System

The AnteAGE® HAIR System is a medical breakthrough in the promotion of natural, healthy hair growth without hormonal side effects or surgery.

The at-home system consists of two products that work together to help awaken the sleeping stems inside the hair follicle, and return them to more youthful and active growth patterns.

AnteAGE® Hair SCS uses WNT1 Stem Cytokines™ along with a cocktail of natural stimulants to overcome the quiescence of hair follicle stem cells. It is applied twice weekly in unison with a handheld dermal needling device to enhance product penetration and follicle stimulation.

AnteAGE® Hair Polybotanical utilizes plant-derived biosignals shown to promote hair growth, combined into a powerful extract for topical application. It is applied three times weekly to create an optimal environment for hair growth cycles.



If you’re frustrated with calcium deposits (sometimes known as milia), cholesterol deposits, ruby points/cherry angiomas, keratoses and skin tags there is a solution.

 VascuLyse treatment at our clinic is a safe, effective, and entirely non-invasive treatment to permanently address these unsightly frustrations.

VascuLyse uses an RF current generating heat energy to trigger thermocoagulation in targeted tissues. In short, it raises the temperature of the blood in capillaries, causing them to coagulate and break down, in turn leading to the eradication of common skin issues.

Treatment is fast, safe, and above all permanent.