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Our salon offers gel and acrylic nail enhancements done by trained Nail Technicians who continuously improve their knowledge and skills.

We use only quality products in our salon. Our main suppliers are: 

  • Naio Nails - one of the leading UK suppliers of professional nail and beauty products. They offer only high quality UV Gel, Acrylic, Gel Polish and Nail Art products.  From a simple casual design to an art piece - they can do it all!

  • Crystal Nails - internationally recognized and well-loved brand and for good reason. Beautiful colours, innovative techniques and quality tools and products combined with cutting edge style and science has created a product line like no other.

  • Ugly Duckling Nails - BC very own supplier located in Victoria. Their next generation gel polishes are so pigmented, there is no waste. This supplier is all about quality and education.

  • We also use Whats Up Nails, AeroPuffing, Moyra Stamping, Krisztina Kalmar KKSP and many more!




Gel or Acrylic Nail Extensions


Nail fill 


Nail overlay


Nail Art 

$5.00 and up per nail

(simple design on the first two nails is included in main service price)

Gel Polish change


Gel polish removal